Malta Italy Business Forum - Doing Business in Italy

Malta Italy Business Forum - Doing Business in Italy in Malta, Learning Malta, 21.11.2018 - 21.11.2018


Geographically Italy is the closest country to Malta, but last year, with more than 1 billion of euro in trade transactions, Italy became the first commercial partner of Malta. At the same time, an important number of Italians decided to setup a new business in Malta in different sectors. The Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce decided to create the 1st Malta Italy Business Forum with the objective to encourage investment between both Italy and Malta, which aim is to enhance and build on good business practices and know-how. During the MIBF We will focus as well on the Tax Incentives for new residents. The tax incentive for new residents is intended for individuals who move their residence for tax purposes to Italy and consists in the possibility of paying a substitute tax on income generated abroad. Individuals benefitting from the incentive are equal to €100,000 for each tax year in which the option is valid, regardless of the type and amount of the income generated abroad. If the scheme is extended to the family members, the payment of the substitute tax on the foreign income generated by each member amounts to €25,000. The participants will acquire specific skills to: - recognise the main recurrent problems of Maltese, Italian and international taxation; - evaluate the existence and addressing issues related to the internationalisation of Italian companies in Malta, with the aim of finding possible solutions and overcoming critical issues. The didactics of the Malta Italy Business Forum, will move from concrete cases taken from day-to-day realities, actively involving the participants. The introductory notions and the methodological frameworks will tackle typical examples and case studies. The following topics will be discussed in detail: Module 1 - STARTING A BUSINESS IN ITALY Module 2 - HIRING AND MANAGING STAFF Module 3 - DOUBLE TAXATION AGREEMENT WITH ITALY: ESTEROVESTIZIONE? Module 4 - TAXATION IN ITALY Module 5 - FINANCIAL & TAX INCENTIVES IN ITALY Lunch and coffe breaks are included in the price.

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Corinthia Hotel St George's Bay
St Georges Bay, St Julians

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21 November 2018

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21 November 2018



Enry Di Giacomo




Corinthia Hotel St George's Bay


St Georges Bay


Malta Italy Business Forum - Doing Business in Italy
Corinthia Hotel St George's Bay, St Julians - Learning