Habana Social Club with the Stars of Tropicana in Malta, Music Malta,  8.12.2018 -  8.12.2018


Fiesta Cubana - the one and only original Habana Social Club with the stars of Tropicana!
Entry to the club: Strictly 17+!!!
Those who have gone to Cuba may have experienced the unrivaled sensation of life that live by a live performance by a Cuban band: an unforgettable, unmatched, special experience. The lifestyle of the people who have experienced a great deal of affliction - despite the tears and pains - is unbroken, at all times proclaims unconditional love of life and search for happiness, and music and dance for the Cubans are the way to happiness. All of their songs are a true story of a lifetime, in a unique performance that captures all the viewers and flies to the Caribbean.
HABANA SOCIAL CLUB, the star of the Cuban people, the HABANA SOCIAL CLUB band on the world tour of 2018, has been added to the world-famous Tropicana Club solo dancers, and so has a special program for those who want a real Caribbean experience.
HABANA SOCIAL CLUB is also a worthy successor to the Buena Vista Social Club with at least as many catchy hits as its predecessor, according to the Cuban and Latin American press. The Buena Vista Social Club entertained its audience during the Adios Tour in 2014, after which the popularity of Habana Social Club has grown even more. Among the founding members of the Habana Social Club with more than half a century of history, some of the founding members of the Habana Social Club have been removed, so the 11-member band has been renewed several times over the decades and young virtuoso musicians have joined the older members. According to Clemente Hechevarria and Rubén Gonzalez, "The Cuban people's life, destiny and memories are associated with a song that is about everybody in the world, without exception everyone can feel our sorrow and happiness. This musical heritage requires a great humility and responsibility from us, from performers. "
During the concert, as a special show, we can experience Cuban sensations: besides the songs of the HABANA SOCIAL CLUB, we can hear acoustic reconditioning from many Latin American world musicians. The music hits include the greatest Cuban hits: Flor palida, Chan - Chan, Bailando, Vivir Mi Vida, Che commandoante, Guantanamera, Caballo Viejo, Represent Cuba, or Se que te amo, which Ricky Martin also covered.
The concert is an unmatched musical delicacy for all ages, authentic scenery, dancers of the famous Tropicana Club, colorful costumes, and the screening of Havana's daydreams

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Habana Social Club with the Stars of Tropicana

Event Type:
Aria Complex
Triq Hal Gharghur IKL 2900, San Gwann
Start Date:
8 December 2018
End Date:
8 December 2018


Aria Complex
Triq Hal Gharghur IKL 2900   Show Map


Habana Social Club with the Stars of Tropicana Aria Complex, San Gwann - Music at 13:00

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