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Are you worried about how your income or financial income may change after Brexit?

Is there a better way to ensure stability for your financial future, save for your child's university, or your retirement, or a holiday away or future investment?
As the time of #Brexit #NODeal or Deal is announced we invite you to understand the power of owning CryptoCurrency and #Bitcoin versus owning the Euro, Pound Dollar or any other currency and #BlockChainIndustry.
With gratitude from the Malta Union Club, Mosaic Food Experience who invite you to experience their amazing restaurant and bar for lunch or evening dinner prior to or after the event, and on behalf of CyrptoFreedom Myriad Global and OmniaTek Malta.

We will be holding an afternoon and evening informative event educating you on what Bitcoin and Blockchain is, and how the Industry Works and what power owning cryptocurrency can give you
Malta is one of the leading crypto ready countries in the world, already its banks are trading in crypto and using Blockchain for faster transactions, it's own parliament is in alignment with crypto trading and there are around 5 current Crypto ATMs around the Sliema district where you can buy BitCoin and other Crypto Currencies.
Crypto Currencies are possibly the next generation of currency as an alternative to Debit and Credit Cards and even banking or FIAT paper cash money.

Come and network with, meet and join some of the world leading #CyptoInfluencers

If you are new to BitCoin and #CryptoCurrencies, a Student wanting to know more, a mother, an Expat, retired, married whoever you are in lifelooking at a different way to ensure that your #abundance or #savings can be stored in a way that isn't in £ or Euro's, and are concerned about how Brexit may affect your financial wealth #NowIsthetime, a perfect time for you to attend this event.
Even if you are experienced in Crypto or #Forex #Trading we highly recommend that you will come along to this event to meet and network with the guys in our teams.
We will be introducing you to World-leading experts in the CryptoCurrency and Blockchain Industry who have created amazing abundance for themselves through a compounding interest technique which generates around 10% profit per calendar month in trading cryptocurrencies, as well as people on our own teams who have found a way to come from what may have been difficult financial times for them to enable them to #livethedream and be part of this opportunity creating there own ICO Business Opportunity and will be showing you how to they made there life

The Union Club will be opening up there bar for refreshments and mosaic food experience for light refreshments and beverages throughout the event.
Guests are also welcome to experience lunch or evening meal prior to or after whilst attending this event. The Union Club will also love to invite prospective new members and its members will be on hand to introduce you to its club facilities and community.
The presentation will be in English Language
We welcome donations for attendance at the event to help to fund towards the Mental health Development Trust which is the higher purpose and intention from the event organisers and passion behind helping others and sharing abundance. Not only will you meet amazing crypto investors at this event. you also meet real-life people. Passionate coaches. and the energy of love and purpose behind what this education can provide to your potential future.

Thank you

Please book your tickets in advance so we can ensure the capacity for seating and catering requirements for our guests. Have a blessed day.

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Malta -#BrexitVBitcoin - How to Secure your Financial Future

Event Type:
Blockchain & Tech
The Union Club
Triq Tigne, Sliema
Start Date:
30 March 2019
End Date:
30 March 2019


The Union Club
Triq Tigne   Show Map


Malta -#BrexitVBitcoin - How to Secure your Financial Future The Union Club, Sliema - Blockchain & Tech at 19:30

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