Blockchain Explained - 1 Day Course for Beginners in Malta, Blockchain & Tech Malta, 27.04.2019 - 27.04.2019


Blockchain Explained - 1 Day Non-Technical Workshop

Date and Time: Saturday 27th April 2019 from 9.30am – 4.30pm.

Where: Microsoft Innovation Centre, Skyparks, Luqa.
Cost: €125.00 (Includes Training Manual, Certificate of Completion, Refreshments & Parking)

A basic understanding of the internet.
There are no technical requirements. All you need is an open mind, and curiosity about the economics, business, and technology that make blockchain interesting for the future.

Discover what blockchains are all about and how they can benefit you, your career path or your business. Lots of people think that Blockchain is difficult to understand. They also might think that Blockchains are just about crypocurrencies like Bitcoin, but its about much more. Anyone can master the basics of Blockchain, so allow yourself to keep up to date with the next big technology hitting the world. 

In this workshop, you will find helpful advice for navigating around the Blockchain world and crypocurrencies. You will learn about the basics, smart contracts, terminology, how it is changing the workplace and your future! The new careers and businesses taking over. 

This course is for anyone interested in Blockchain, who have no prior knowledge on this subject.

Topics covered: 
Introduction to Blockchain 
Blockchain Terminology
Business Sectors
What Blockchains Are and What they do
Why Blockchain matters
Blockchain Structures
Blockchain Applications
Your Blockchain Needs
Blockchain Solutions
Planning a Blockchain
Building a Blockchain
Smart Contracts
Microsoft Azure
Blockchain Careers
The Blockchain Future in Business
Blockchain Rules
Blockchain Resources 

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Blockchain Explained - 1 Day Course for Beginners

Event Type:
Blockchain & Tech
Microsoft Innovation Centre
SkyParks Business Centre Level 5, Malta International Airport, Luqa
Start Date:
27 April 2019
End Date:
27 April 2019


Microsoft Innovation Centre
SkyParks Business Centre Level 5, Malta International Airport   Show Map


Blockchain Explained - 1 Day Course for Beginners Microsoft Innovation Centre, Luqa - Blockchain & Tech at 09:30

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