For the Love of Gold

For the Love of Gold in Malta, Arts/Culture Malta, 23.11.2019 - 23.11.2019


Welcome to our 2-hour walking Malta Tour where you’ll discover Malta’s best-kept secrets and other vivid intriguing tales in our UNESCO-listed capital city of Valletta

Led by your costumed local “Pirate” guide who mixes historical fact with a light-hearted tone and a dash of humour. Behind the Valletta’s handsome façade lie many hidden thrilling stories that must be re-told.

Hear about hilarious yet devious schemes, the worst of tortures, and theft on a grand scale.

Learn about the true sinister origin of worldwide delicacies, carnal desires, tales of love gone terribly wrong and clever plots unrivaled perhaps even today!!

Prepare yourself for unknown Pirate stories and other exciting tales Valletta’s streets have witnessed under the warrior monks known as The Knights of St. John and more!

All for the Love of God….and GOLD!


2- Hour Guided Tour of Valletta’s Hidden treasures with Chris Schembri, a local guide with over 12 years’ experience.

A must do, if you’re looking for an inspiring perspective and presentation on Malta’s historical tales, not normally discovered by most tourists, to start or end your holiday in Malta with a BANGl!

We’re the most Media Covered Tours in Malta for a very good reason!

Take in the splendid views of St.Johns Co-Cathedral, Old Courthouse, Grandmaster’s Palace, Monte Di Pieta, Jesuit Church, and the Old University.

10-15 minute restroom & refreshment break halfway through the tour at the Valletta Food Market.

Explore many more architectural attractions not normally experienced along Merchants Street and other gems you would not normally see on other tours.

Tour MUST PRE-BOOKED ONLINE to commence.

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St. John's Cathedral
St John Street,, Valletta

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23 November 2019

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23 November 2019




St. John's Cathedral


St John Street,



For the Love of Gold
St. John's Cathedral, Valletta - Arts/Culture