Comedy Knights: The New Normal Livestream

Comedy Knights: The New Normal Livestream in Malta, Arts/Culture Malta, 27.03.2021 - 27.03.2021


It's another shutdown and that means a new show from the Comedy Knights to try and lift our spirits once more! Don’t expect the usual from this production though. Well you can expect laughs, satire, social commentary and general silliness, but apart from that, this show will be TOTALLY different from the usual CK shows!
The Comedy Knights' New Normal is a show that was originally commissioned and performed for the APS Summer Festival in 2020. Now it's moving online. Yes we're all tired of the phrase "New Normal" but instead of being defeated by it, why not own it? Instead of letting it define us, why not take charge of it? Let's inject (so to speak) a touch of humour into the situation and use this production as a guide to living and thriving in these challenging times.
The Comedy Knights' New Normal will feature new material recorded last summer and as well as a number of additional sketches that had to be cut from the Christmas show because of time.

Until we all get the vaccine, let this show serve as an antidote to the effects of this shutdown and the depressing press conferences that come along with it!

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27 March 2021

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27 March 2021







Comedy Knights: The New Normal Livestream
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