Cosplay figure drawing

Cosplay figure drawing in Malta, Arts/Culture Malta, 25.08.2021 - 25.08.2021


COSPLAY -Human Figure drawing is a different approach towards the classical human figure classes. Our Model is invited to dress up in a different costume and the atmosphere is turned into a different ambience/era where participants are asked to sketch the model in different poses through minute intervals. Participants are also invited to try different mediums and as well challenge their own creativity! through this workshop’s participants sharpen their drawing skills, their time management skills and this makes as well as a nice social and networking activity between comic and cartoon artists. The activity is held online - Those who would like to book the activity they can do so by sending a donation by Paypal to or else by Revolut on +35679055933 - It is important that you leave your e-mail address in order for us to be able to add you to our Google Meet Calendar - In case one cannot leave a donation, you are kindly asked to send us an e-mail at in order for us to send you the link

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The Grand harbour Arts Community Space (Outdoor Artists)
23 Gizwiti, Il-Marsa MRS 1562, Marsa

Start Date:

25 August 2021

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25 August 2021


Clive Gerada



The Grand harbour Arts Community Space (Outdoor Artists)


23 Gizwiti, Il-Marsa MRS 1562

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Cosplay figure drawing
The Grand harbour Arts Community Space (Outdoor Artists), Marsa - Arts/Culture