Not Sure When, But Then! Matt Davis

Not Sure When, But Then! Matt Davis in Malta, Theatre Malta, 20.01.2022 - 20.01.2022


Not Sure When, But Then!

The world may be on pause and travel an impossibility, but we’re looking forward to seeing friends across the globe once we know it’s safe for everyone to get together again.

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Join us for an internationally-minded hour of hilarious, challenging comedy!

Stand up meets storytelling in a show written around the world, as Matt Davis stitches a personal narrative underneath ideas developed while performing in over 250 cities across more than 50 countries.

Matt masterfully jokes about language, nationality, & global/regional customs; as well as his and our perceptions of them. Throughout, the show aims a focused message: that we dismiss the equation ‘familiar equals good.’

Matt Davis has performed at the prestigious Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, JFL42 in Toronto, Sketch Fest in San Francisco, KLICfest in Malaysia, UICF in Utrecht, Netherlands, the Bengaluru Comedy Festival in India, the Top of the World Comedy Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Fringe World in Perth, Australia, and many others.

In addition to 20+ years of performing, his comedic short films have been featured in collectives at the Film Dayton festival, the LYAO comedy festival, and the Cincinnati Film Festival.

In 2015 Matt launched the World in Jest project to embody the belief that real and imagined borders can be crossed when people prioritize communities of shared interest. By connecting with communities of performing artists across the globe, the project was able to produce over 100 performances across 30 countries in its 13 months; including many where he was the first international or American artist to work with local scenes (Mongolia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Bosnia-Herzegovina to name a few). Having evidenced its hypothesis, the World in Jest project was closed. While continuing to tour internationally, Matt Davis has begun working on a larger project and accompanying one hour show to embody his ethos more fully; of which BadFamiliar is the first step.

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Around Valletta
Valletta Streets, Valletta

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20 January 2022

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20 January 2022





Around Valletta


Valletta Streets


Not Sure When, But Then! Matt Davis
Around Valletta, Valletta - Theatre