St Catherine feast in Żejtun

St Catherine feast in Żejtun in Malta, Special Events Malta, 15.06.2022 - 15.06.2022


St Catherine feast in Żejtun

A typical Maltese ‘festa’ lasts three days or longer. On any one of these evenings, you are bound to see hundreds of people in festive mood. Traditional and fast food stands vie with each other to sell their wares to the crowds of merry-makers. Typical products are Maltese type nougat and other sweet delicacies.

Homes are looking their absolute best, often benefitting from a fresh coat of paint a few weeks before, in preparation for the feast. The interiors may be glimpsed through the open doors and windows, unless your curiosity gets rewarded by an invitation from the family to come inside for a closer look… and a drink!

The evenings often end with spectacular ground and aerial fireworks displays in an explosion of colour, firecrackers and loud petards.

Join this special event the whole day around Żejtun!

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Event Details

Event Type:

Special Events


Around Zejtun
Zejtun Streets, Zejtun

Start Date:

15 June 2022

End Date:

15 June 2022




Around Zejtun


Zejtun Streets


St Catherine feast in Żejtun
Around Zejtun, Zejtun - Special Events