La Voix Singers Competition

La Voix Singers Competition in Malta, Music Malta, 12.02.2023 - 12.02.2023


La Voix Singers Competition
One of the main scopes of this Singers Competition is to try and ensure that each participant has the opportunity to compete with participants of the same age thereabouts, and as a result a specifically designated system of sections has been created, as denoted below.
Part 1:
Category A – 3 to 5 years Category B – 6 to 7 years
Part 2:
Category C – 8 to 9 years Category D – 10 to 11 years
Part 3:
Category E – 12 to 13 years Category F – 14 to 15 years Category G – Over 16 years
Participation Fee
1 song - €35 2 songs - €65 3 songs - €90
Admission tickets
Over 13 years - €12
Song Choice
Due to the fact that variety is important, no participant is allowed to sing the same song in the same section, hence we have come up with the first come, first served approach, in hope of being fair and equal with everyone.
Jury and Results
The jury panel will represent three genres of music; Classical, Pop and Soul. During the counting of the votes, all of which would have been signed by the aforementioned panel of judges.
Following the end of EACH category, prizes are to be given to those who finish in Grand Prix, Overall, Runner up1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
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Event Details

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Triq il-Belt Valletta (Ghaxaq)
Triq il-Belt Valletta, Ghaxaq

Start Date:

12 February 2023

End Date:

12 February 2023




Triq il-Belt Valletta (Ghaxaq)


Triq il-Belt Valletta


La Voix Singers Competition
Triq il-Belt Valletta (Ghaxaq), Ghaxaq - Music