Overnight Stargazing & Morning Swim with Whereto360

Overnight Stargazing & Morning Swim with Whereto360 in Malta, Special Events Malta, 11.08.2023 - 11.08.2023


The popular August Perseid Meteor Showers are about to take place, and once again, we are planning to experience the magic with you. For those who are not familiar with this, meteor showers peak during this time of year. To take full advantage of this, we like to gather at a spot with little light pollution and spend the night outdoors, spotting shooting stars 
We will meet on the night of Friday 11th August at 10pm in Baħrija then drive to Miġra l-Ferħa, open our mats and spend the night together there.
Following what we hope would be a successful night of spotting shooting stars, we will go for pastizzi in Rabat in the morning and spend the early morning at Riviera Beach.
Here's the plan:
Meeting point: Baħrija (near New Life Bar)
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/HTYc8AFnUaxy8w2x7
Meeting time: 10pm
What to bring: Comfortable outfit and shoes, mat & sleeping bag, head torch, mosquito repellent, snacks, drinks and water, swimwear and beach items including any umbrellas, beach balls etc for the morning.
Kindly confirm your attendance by hitting the Going Button (Facebook) on this event. Looking forward
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Event Details

Event Type:

Special Events


Bahrija near Playing Fields
, Bahrija

Start Date:

11 August 2023

End Date:

11 August 2023



Bahrija near Playing Fields


Overnight Stargazing & Morning Swim with Whereto360
Bahrija near Playing Fields, Bahrija - Special Events