Iljieli Skalin

Iljieli Skalin in Malta, Special Events Malta,  6.09.2014 -  6.09.2014


The Cultural Committee under the auspices of the Marsaskala Local Council is organizing cultural and historical, activities around St Thomas Tower in M’Skala on Saturday 6th September, starting from 6.30 pm.

These activities will consist of an exhibition of artisan crafts, paintings made up of coloured salt will also be exhibited in the Tower. To celebrate the 400 years since the building of St Thomas Tower, 5 re-enaction groups will be participating in a Son et Lumier in front of St Thomas Tower. These include the Malta Tourism re-enactors better known as In Guardia, the Legio X Fretensis Malta (Roman Soldiers) – the Wirt Artna Renaissance Guard, the Anakron and the HRGM French group. There will also be the participation of Corinne Turner, an international belly dancer.

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Event Details

Event Type:

Special Events


St Thomas Tower
Triq is-Salini, Marsascala

Start Date:

6 September 2014

End Date:

6 September 2014



St Thomas Tower


Triq is-Salini


Iljieli Skalin
St Thomas Tower, Marsascala - Special Events